Visiting places of Dalhousie | My Dalhousie Trip

Dalhousie is very beautiful place, there is lots of visiting places in dalhousie. before we talking about visiting places of dalhousie, i am going to share my trip of dalhousie. i went there with my friend’s in december 2019. i think this is the best time to visit dalhousie. we are so excited for this trip. before starting this trip i do some research for Visiting places of Dalhousie, that i share with you at the end of this page.

himachal pradesh have lot’s of tourist attraction point and every place have his own beauty and joy. but Dalhousie is also a beautiful and attractive, place you can visit these place any time but if you are snow lover then you can visit Dalhousie in December and January. if you want to watch our trip to dalhousie then click here.

My Dalhousie Trip

We first went to mall Road of Dalhousie. we stay in a hotel called hotel crags. this hotel was nice as you can see in this video, but the view from this hotel is great. After doing rest we went to mall road we click some photo’s. there is A statue of Subhash chandra bose on mall road and in opposite side of statue St. Francis Catholic Church. and a market on mall road there you can do some shopping. and at the end of mall road there is a statue of mahatma gandhi, this place is known as gandhi chock. we did some fun enjoy the weather although weather is so cold temperature is -3 to -5 degree and then started snow fall. we go back to over hotel. After dinner we go to sleep.

The night was so cold, but there is lots more thing’s to do.we walk up early in the morning and get ready for the day. After break fast we hire a guide and started tracking for Kalatop Wildlife Reserve. we are so exited, there is lots of snow, some where no way to walk and other side it’s just a forest. our guide alert us from animal’s, it’s so dangerous as look like.

We seen some beautiful view’s, it’s such a wonderful view’s. we reached to lakkar market on 16:00 clock. After having a cup of tea and do some rest, started over journey to Kalatop Wildlife Reserve. there was lots of house under snow and no one was leaving on these houses. In December and January on was leaving in this place because of snow and cold. we decided to go back to hotel because we are not going to stay on kalatop so back to hotel and took the bag’s and back to Mohali. this was over trip we did lots of fun click photo’s.there is some photo’s for you guy’s, Visiting places of Dalhousie.

Visiting places of Dalhousie

  1. Khajjiar
  2. Dainkund_Peak
  3. Kalatop Wildlife Reserve
  4. St. Francis Catholic Church
  5. Panchpula
  6. Ganji Pahari
  7. Satdhara Falls
  8. Rang Mahal
  9. Chamera Lake
  10. Mall Road
  11. Sach Pass
  12. Tibetan Market
  13. Bakrota Hills
  14. Subhash Baoli
  15. St.John’s Church
  16. Chamunda Devi Temple
  17. Rock Garden
  18. Garam Sadak
  19. Dalhousie Community Garden
  20. Norwood Paramdham

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